Yesterday, as I’m sitting by the ocean meditating, the Universe sends me a message through messenger pigeons having sex. Okay, okay — so they were ordinary pigeons, but the message was still loud and clear.

“Don’t ignore the opportunity staring you in the face, waiting for the one you were looking for to come along.”

And before you ask how I got all this from a couple of pigeons having sex, here’s the story.

As I’m sitting, clearing my mind, legs crossed, back against the rocks, not eating, watching the mesmerizing waves rolling back and forth, two pigeons showed up…

Rambling through old blog posts from an old personal blog, I stumbled across a poem written in the summer of 2016 from the writing prompt “A Piece of Advice.” It came from a time in my life when I was struggling learning who I really was and not who my family wanted me to be. So, thought I would share these empowering words for all of you who face the same struggle.

Love & Accept Me For Me

Embrace me for all that I am, not as you perceive me.

Recognize me for who I am, not what you think I should be.

Love me for…

The “real” me is a bit of a smart alec, sassy, sarcastic, kind, caring, fun, loves to laugh, the center of attention at times — shy at others, bossy, perfectionist, gives a shit about others and cares what others think about me.

Whoa! We’re not supposed to give a shit about what others think about us — right? Yep, a very unpopular opinion coming up!

Society tells us that we shouldn’t care what others think, but then turns around and tells us buying a big house, the new car, the latest smartphone, or latest deodorant scent will make others like…

Recently, the hubby and I found ourselves dealing with some very unpleasant shit in our lives due to a house guest in our home. It wasn’t long before the resentment and anger built up over finding ourselves dealing with bad manners, a lack of respect for us and our home, being taken advantage of, denial and an utterly unpredictable attitude — in OUR safe place.

Now before ya’ll start — we did work to establish quite a few clear boundaries, and we spoke up on things we didn’t agree with right from the start which was not honored by our…

EVERYTHING in your head is made up!

Yep, that’s right, all the reasons — stories — you tell yourself about why you shouldn’t ask for a raise, or why you shouldn’t quit your job so that you can freelance or why you shouldn’t take your dream trip — are all STORIES. You don’t have any idea of what the actual results will be until you take action and do the thing — until then it’s all a fucking fairy tale.

The little voice in your head, quietly tells you stories all day long, feeding you thoughts about whether you’re going…

Tools: the lessons, courses, classes, books, coaches, teachers, mentors, money and things we use to expand our education, build our self-wealth, and focus on our mindset growth and change.

Yep; all these things are tools!

Anything you use to invest in your mindset education for growing, changing and self-wealth building, including mentors and coaches, is a tool. It may sound a little cold to lump people into that category, but it is what it is. The reason we hire professionals is to help us be better about something in our life so that we can advance. …

The other day, my mindset coach asked me why I’m still allowing people no longer in my life to control my thoughts, actions, and feelings of being good enough as I am. I didn’t have a good answer for her because I was suddenly aware that I HAD slipped back into some of my old ways of thinking. Time to get off that worn out nag and back onto my shiny new pony!

It’s easy when things aren’t going exactly how we envision to slip back into the struggle with old habits and ways of thinking. The doubts, the fears…

Photo credit: David Medina

Recently, I started kicking around the idea of starting a business coaching business.

Immediately, my monkey brain kicked in with all the possibilities of why I shouldn’t start coaching. “Everyone and his/her mother is a coach these days.” “Does the world really need another coach?” “I don’t have all my shit together, so why would anyone want me as a coach?” Among a couple of hundred other negative and crappy thoughts.

And yet, below the din of screaming negative thoughts loaded with fear, I could hear this the little voice piping up with “you would — no — will make…

Did someone ask you to guest post for free in exchange for exposure?

If you’re new to the world of freelance writing or blogging, you might immediately think you should do it.

Guest posting does help build your reputation and authority. AND exposure on the RIGHT platforms is a great way to do it. All offers are NOT created equal!

So is the current proposal really a good deal for you?

Many aren’t!

Some sites prey on up-and-coming content writers.


Because many believe the hype that giving away their valuable work is the only way to make it as…

With recent headlines such as Unilever to Cut Ties with Social Media Influencersare you wondering if the days for using influencers for marketing is over?

The answer is NO.

You’ll be missing out on a valuable form of marketing if you’re not using influencer marketing.

Unilever is NOT cutting ties with social media influencers.

The headline is clickbait and flat-out WRONG!

Unilever has decided it will no longer work with influencers using shady business practices. …

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